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CMAS A Star Diver

A star diver is a diver who can install, disassemble, equip all your diving equipment properly, use and dive them properly in shallow training waters, and is ready to take offshore dives with at least three star divers or diving instructors and can dive up to 18 meters. You must be at least 14 years old to participate in this course. Parents' leave will be obtained for candidates who are under 18 years of age. You should also have received a medical certificate from the doctor.

 CMAS Two Star Diver

Two star diver is a diver with open sea diving experience. Under normal conditions, two two star divers can dive together. Two star divers cannot lead a star diver to dive. (Two star divers under the age of 18 can dive under the leadership of at least one three star diver). They can dive up to 30 meters at most and diving for education can be done under the supervision of a diver up to 42 meters.

To have completed at least 15 years of age to attend this course (a parental consent certificate will be obtained from those under the age of 18), to have a medical certificate or equivalent education certificate, to have a star diver certificate of the federation or an equivalent document that has been approved, to receive a star diver certificate then they must document that they have done at least 20 offshore dives in the dive registry and be at least 2 months past a star diver's diploma date.

Two star divers will give you some additional powers and responsibilities from the certificate and will also provide you with the right to plan and perform diving with two other star divers.


CMAS Three Star Diver

The three star diver course is planned to give you the knowledge to lead a group at every stage of the dive. The three stars are divers who are capable of leading different divers. It can dive up to 30 meters at most but can dive under the supervision of a trainer up to 42 meters for training dives.


To attend this course, you must be at least 18 years old, have a medical certificate from your doctor, have a primary education certificate, have a federation's two star diver certificate or an equivalent document approved, dive that you have taken at least 50 dives after getting your two star diver certificate. you must document it in your registry and have at least 6 months from the two-star diploma date

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