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Our guests dive around Alanya Castle, where you can watch the unique historical beauty
of Alanya Castle, as a boat dive with a historical view. Our diving tours also feature
a pleasant boat tour around Alanya castle. Alanya fortress accompanies us until we return
to the port. We take 2 dives, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. There are 13
diving points around the castle and where we will dive that day is determined by the weather,
sea and the experience of our current divers. Likely

The diving points are sunken and reef dives, as well as a tunnel and cave unique to Alanya.
Every morning, the current divers at the boat departure time are divided into dive groups at
their own level, based on their experience and certification levels. At least
1 guide / trainer accompanies each group.

Divers who are divided into groups receive their briefings about dive point, depth, dive time
and plan from their guide / instructor. Special emphasis is given to the divers getting the
diving drummers within the frame system. Each of our diving boats is equipped with security,
first aid and oxygen systems. In addition, each boat has equipped and authorized diving
supervisors for first aid and oxygen use.

Accompanying guests who do not dive alongside our divers can also join our tour.
Accompanying guests can have the opportunity to sunbathe, swim or snorkel on the boat
all day long. Delicious Lunch, cold and hot drinks, swimming, sunbathing or resting in the
shade area accompanied by Alanya Castle view make this tour meaningful for our Companion
guests. our boats

Thanks to the existing fresh water showers, we can easily get rid of the salt of our body
after diving or swimming.

Only diving without decompression and safe diving is planned. Our divers who stay in
Alanya and its surroundings are left to their hotels with air-conditioned vehicles.


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