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Tubes are manufactured by sewing high strength braided geotextiles and they have been named as Geotube from Tubular form. Thanks to its permeability with different diameter pores in their structure, it allows the water to exit, while ensuring that the solid material remains in the tube. Geotubes are manufactured with seams resistant to pressures that will arise during pumping. Geotubes are sized and produced specially for projects.


Usage areas of geotubes:

Breakwater Applications in Coastal and Harbor Projects Sea, River or Lake Bottom Sludge Dredging Works Used in Waste Water Treatment Plants, Pulp and Paper Industry, Drilling and Quarries in Dewatering and disposal of Sludge.

Breakwater Applications in Coastal and Harbor Projects
Geotubes are used for preventing sand erosion on the coasts, reducing the energy of the waves and expanding the coastline. It is used for breakwater construction at the ports and also for screening applications.

Dewatering Applications
Geotextile fabric with high filtration performance is used in the disposal of wastes and sludge. Geotubes have a much lower operating cost than Centrifuge and Filterbelt Press. No need to waste time for maintenance and repair. As the irrigation and direct emission can be done with the water that comes out, the operating cost is reduced.

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