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As the Martı Extreme, the Rope Tracks we apply with projects and static calculations; These are the areas where effective and permanent learning is gained by trying and living. The rope courses are among the most popular playgrounds as activities where entertainment and excitement are at the top. As the rope track, Martı Extreme is a specialist company in the field of setting up rope tracks on wooden or metal poles or on trees, with special rope trails for every customer that responds to the demands professionally. It works without sacrificing security and quality and builds the most perfect rope courses for its customers in open or closed areas. It responds to every need with its rope trails, both for rent and for sale, and projects the rope trails, which are an educational and training field, without height limits and safety concerns.


  • Security is great.
  • The equipment used is in international and CE standards.
  • It has sufficient and necessary protective equipment.
  • Trails and crossings are suitable for the age group. It is constructed in open or closed areas.
  • It is projected in professional hands.
  • It is installed on mobile, wooden or metal poles.
  • Mobile rope tracks can be carried on demand.

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