About Us

About Us

Our company always keeps its customer focus at the top level with its products and services in international quality standards in the sectors and sports branches; to continue to become a reputable, reliable and preferred brand. It carries out projects and trainings based on academic and scientific basis in order to carry the national achievements to the international arena and to be one of the leading names in the business areas where it sees growth potential,


Living Extreme without losing our excitement is the most prominent feature of Seagulls,

Our diving centers, which have been serving for years, are members of our country's diving federation TSSF (Turkish Underwater Sport Federation)-CMAS and is an institution with high training standards. Our diving center, which can offer diving certification courses for all levels, is also an institution that brings together the people with the underwater and makes them love the diving sport.



To grow with its investor identity by carrying its 25 years of experience to different business areas containing important projects that provide social and economic benefits. To serve with the understanding of institutional quality created by using modern technology, expert human resources, knowledge accumulation by applying the investment policy shaped on the basis of the principles of being a pioneer and making a difference. Acting with the awareness that profitability is going through quality in the long run; to contribute to the development of the sectors and economy in which it operates in all conditions; To ensure its sustainability as a group that is trusted in every way.


Besides ;


Our goal is to promote and develop diving tourism, and to protect the underwater history and nature.

In order to contribute to underwater and diving tourism; We organize well-equipped diving training, well-equipped diving and other diving events in cooperation with commercial diving centers in and around Antalya.


 We also conduct engaging and encouraging activities to direct teachers and students in secondary and higher education to activities related to underwater and diving.


It is also a pleasure for us to promote Antalya at home and abroad.


We are here to share the passion of the underwater together at 10:00 and to meet and chat after 18:00. Our experienced instructors and guides will offer you not only safe but also enjoyable diving alternatives for your expectations. In our boat, you can get service in English, German and Russian as well as Turkish.


On certain days, we also have daily tours and night dives. We are also at your service for group reservations.

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